Piatt County maps now online

Piatt County’s plat map has officially gone digital.

Topflight 'adoptees'

Jennifer Kinsella’s second grade class at Bement Elementary School toured Topflight Grain in Bement on Oct. 17.

Attention squirrels: keep out of our grain

Squirrels in DeLand, you are warned: Stay out of grain that is stored in tubes at the local grain elevator.

Farmers get break with Meals in the Field

Like a lot of farmers last week, the Monticello-area Wilkin family had its share of late nights, so getting a little time off through the Farm Credit Illinois Meals in the Field program on Oct. 2 was a welcome diversion.

Eleven apply for cultivation center permit in District 10

The two Piatt County sites being considered for a possible cannabis cultivation center will get plenty of competition for the one permit that will be granted in this area's state police district.

Two Piatt County sites up for cultivation center

At least two Piatt County locations are being eyed as spots for an inboor cannabis cultivation center.

Zoning change for cultivation center endorsed by Planning Commission

Monticello's Planning Commission Thursday (Sept. 4) endorsed a rezoning of property that will allow a potential cannabis cultivation center to locate further away from a pair of residential neighbors.

Zoning amendments endorsed by county ZBA

Several months after first being proposed, the Piatt County Zoning Board of Appeals last week approved text amendments that include the elimination of a five-acre requirement for home-based businesses located in areas zoned Agriculture or Agriculture Conservation.

Area crops doing well

Above average rain did little to thwart the good start to the area corn and soybean crop, according to an area agriculture expert.

“Really, the crop looks pretty fantastic right now,” said Dennis Bowman, a crop systems educator for the University of Illinois Extension Service. “It looks like a very big crop at this point.”

Farmers see future at aerial ag show

The first Precision Aerial Ag Show was hosted on July 9-10 at Progress City in Decatur, the home every other year to the widely popular Farm Progress Show. The show offered an opportunity for farmers and other agriculture professionals to be educated on the technology and usage of drones in their operations.

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