Cerro Gordo approves co-op contract

Bement tables co-op contract proposal

Calling concessions in proposed cooperative sports contracts as “tokens,” the Bement school board on April 11 opted not to take action on the renewal of six expiring co-op agreements with Cerro Gordo until more talks can be held.

Sage musicians visit the Big Apple

On March 22-27,the Monticello High School band and choir traveled to New York City. The choir had the opportunity to perform at St. John’s Cathedral of the Divine and the band performed on the USS Intrepid.

Safety upgrades planned for area schools

Work towards more secure entryways in Piatt County school structures will ramp up over the next two years, as Bement and Cerro Gordo will upgrade their main entrances.

Monticello High School will also gain a new entryway that will require visitors to enter the office before gaining access to other parts of the school.

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