Robotics club in its first year

Participants in Monticello’s inaugural Lego robotics team have to think in a myriad of ways as they ready themselves for a state qualifier Dec. 13 at Hope Academy in Decatur.

MHS WYSE team second at state competition

For the second straight year, the Monticello High School Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) team has captured second place as a team at the state competition. The local squad took the honor April 8 at the University of Illinois.

Monticello fiber optic network now being used

Monticello’s fiber optic internet system has seen its first user log in. The Monticello School District is now using the high-speed data lines, and so far it is getting good reviews.

Price for fiber optic installation comes in

The total installation cost for Monticello’s recently-installed fiber optic system has come in at $306,074. That means each of the four entities who combined to bring the high speed data lines to town will pay about $76,500 each.

That number was made known at the latest Piatt County Resource Conservation and Internet Development Meeting on March 12.

Free tax help still available

After a moderately busy February, tax aide volunteers in Monticello say things have slowed down for the free tax help hours they provide Wednesdays and Thursdays at the Allerton Public Library.

They are assuming things will pick up again as the April 15 deadline approaches, which would be fine with them.

Monticello fiber optic network could be 'lit' soon

The 72 strands of razor-thin, blazing-fast fiber optic data wire are in the ground in Monticello and ready to be turned on, meaning the opportunity for higher internet speeds than have ever been available locally.

Fiber optic project nearly complete in Monticello

Fiber optic installation is nearly complete in Monticello, and may be in use for local governmental entities by the beginning of the year.

Historical Society nets grant

The Piatt County Historical and Genealogical Society will be upgrading their technology and archival storage thanks to a $4,500 grant received from the local Robert A. Milligan Trust.

Online registration catching on in Monticello

Monticello school officials are pushing online registration this year, and the effort seems to be paying off. A total of 33 percent of registrations had been performed online just four days after going live at Superintendent Vic Zimmerman thinks the goal of having 50 percent of parents register their children online this year will be surpassed.

Public fiber optic update June 11

In preparation for the possibility of future fiber optic networking at the Piatt County Office Building, the Resource Conservation and Internet Committee of the Piatt County Board is hosting an informational meeting to compile suggestions from property owners surrounding the Piatt County Office Building as well as the general public.

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