Bluhm takes reigns as Mayor For a Day

As Monticello’s Mayor For a Day on May 3, White Heath Elementary School student Steven Bluhm had difficulty narrowing down his favorite part.

“My favorite part was all of it,” said Bluhm, whose father Jason Bluhm purchased the activity at a Willow Tree Missions fundraiser in March.

“I liked going to the police station, I liked going to the fire station, I liked going to Willow Tree, I liked making my own pizza and my own sundae,” added the younger Bluhm, a third grader at White Heath. “I’m really thankful for Mr. (Mayor) Larry Stoner for all of this.”

He started the day by banging Stoner’s gavel in the city council chambers, and ended it about six hours later by signing proclamations as Mayor For a Day. In between he was treated to several surprises that included the pizza making at Monical’s, making a sundae at Dairy Queen, and riding with a Piatt County Sheriff’s Deputy and his K-9 officer.

Jason Bluhm, who teaches third grade but not his son’s section, said the day was worth much more than the $125 he paid for it at the Willow Tree auction.

“It was worth more, for sure, definitely,” he said. “This was amazing, they went way above and beyond what I expected it to be. I was surprised at so many places that were willing to donate their resources and time to make this a special day.”

Willow Tree Missions volunteer Lisa McGrath helped coordinate the events for Mayor For a Day.

And although it was a day off school, Steven is not getting off totally scot-free.

“I’ve got to report back to the class, my teacher says.”

That would be Christy Whitney, who wanted to make sure it was an educational outing as well.

“I was, ‘basically I get to take the day off school,’ and then she says ‘and you can report back,’ and I said ‘(groan),’” added the Monticello student.

“But it was a really great day, and I had a lot of fun with it and I learned so much.”

When asked if the day inspired him to run for mayor sometime, his answer was already politically savvy.

“Maybe,” he responded.


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