Students make new flag pole for Bement library

The Bement Public Library Board joined forces with industrial technology students to provide a new flagpole for the library’s entryway at 349 S. Macon St.

“The flagpole we had outside, the base was coming apart and pole was leaning, and we didn’t have any way to fix that,” said Library Board Member Jerry Watzlawick. “So we decided to get rid of that and start putting the flag in a holder outside. But with the weather and everything, and also the chance of someone forgetting to put the flag out or bring it back in, we wanted to see if we could look at putting a flagpole in the lobby.”

Bement High School Industrial Technology instructor Dave Salefski’s students answered the call.

“The welding class did the metal part, the woodworking (production tech) class used our CNC (computer numerical control) carving machine to carve out that eagle. It was a combination of both classes,” said Salefski.

Student Daniel Reed also used the school’s drafting software and 3D printer to manufacture plastic caps for the feet of the flagpole in order to protect the floor at the library.

Watzlawick said he contacted Salefski in February, and the job was completed in early April.

Etiquette requires flags to be taken down between sunset and sunrise unless they are always lit. The flag at the library can stay up around the clock since the entryway always has a light on.


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