Library announces new e-book, e-audio platform

A new digital platform that allows instantaneous e-book and movie downloads is the latest service offered by the Allerton Public Library District.

Hoopla Digital – which went live for library patrons last week – allows access to nearly 500,000 titles, including movies, television shows, music, audiobooks, e-books and comic/graphic novels.

The library currently uses My Media Mall for most of its e-book offerings. That service will end when the library’s contract ends with that service on June 30.

“We’re excited because there is no waiting to download. It’s immediate,” said Library Director Lisa Winters, noting that waiting periods with My Media Mall are sometimes up to six months. “So if you want to read something it’s there.”

“You’ve got feature films, TV shows and documentaries and music, and comics, which is a big thing. There’s just a ton of stuff,” she added.

Allerton Library card holders can check out up to eight items per month on Hoopla. The loan period is 21 days for e-books, seven days for music and three days for video. The library pays a fee for each item downloaded, which is why there is a monthly limit.

Hoopla currently provides access to about 222,000 e-books, 52,000 audio books and 13,000 comics, in addition to 2978,000 music albums, 14,500 feature lengt films and 21,000 TV episodes.

An app for Hoopla is available in both IOS (iPhone) and Android platforms.

“You just have to download the Hoopla app. It will ask for your email, then verify your email, then you have to make up a password, verify it, and put your library card and pin number in,” said Winters.

Hoopla can be used on phones, iPads, Kindles, and can be streamed to smart TVs.

Winters said the library will continue to offer RB Digital to patrons, a platform that is popular for magazine checkouts, which is one area not currently offered on Hoopla. The Cloud Library will also continue, offering e-audio and e-books.

For more information, go to the library website at and click on the “Books & Materials” tab and choose the e-book and digital option.

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