Nursing Home addressing faulty boilers

Boiler problems at the Piatt County Nursing Home can be traced back to a faulty model being installed seven years ago, according to the facility’s executive director.

One of the three units installed at that time has already seen its heat exchanger fail, which would cost $15,380 to replace, said Scott Porter. The price to swap out the furnace completely is only $2,000 more.

“In boiler years they aren’t very old,” he added.

Porter said the RayPak units were discontinued shortly after they were installed at the Monticello-based nursing home. With that in mind, he hopes the company that made them can be convinced to stand by the units and replace them.

“We are currently reaching out to them,” he said.

The heat exchanger failure occurred in the main unit. The other two serve in auxiliary and backup roles, but Porter expects they will eventually fail as well.

Annual survey
The Illinois Department of Public Health has conducted its annual survey of the nursing home. In the past IDPH inspectors would immediately present facility officials items that needed to be addressed, but this year those concerns will not be known officially until a written report is received.

Porter said indications were, however, that areas of concern that will likely be listed include the lack of proper certification for the dietary director. Porter pointed out it is being addressed, but that the certification process takes six months. The new dietary director came on board in March.

“Until we see them it’s hard to know what (concerns) will be,” added Porter.

Piatt County Board Chairman Al Manint said the survey process is being changed, and that he was warned there would be more deficiencies sited at nursing homes statewide.

“She (the inspector) said just expect a bunch of hits,” he said. “It will just make us better. More professional and make sure that we’re providing the best possible care.”

The committee approved the monthly payroll for the nursing home, which at $168,070 was more than recent months due to one-time payouts.

“So it is higher this time. We had two terminal payouts for retirees and nurses that had left us who had benefits. It also reflects the back pay for the executive director’s position from December,” said Porter.

In other news, the committee:
–heard a report on Supportive Living Week, which was celebrated at Maple Point. The annual senior prom drew a large crowd of participants, said Maple Point Director Kara Olsen; and

–was told the number of residents at the 100-bed facility was staying steady at around 80 people.


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