Monticello Distinguished Service Awards announced

The awarding of the Distinguished Service Award (DSA) by the MAEF has become an annual event. Each year there are individuals who have worked for years to enhance the educational opportunities through teaching, mentoring, working as a volunteer and dozens of other ways that make a huge difference to hundreds of children in our schools. The award is presented to those that have contributed excellent and sustained service to the Monticello CUSD #25 educational system.

The awards were presented by Superintendent Vic Zimmerman at the annual All-School Service Recognition Ceremony held at Monticello Middle School on Friday, May 25. This year’s awardees were Kevin Rumple, Joyce Munster, Colleen Hoffman, and Stony Lane.

Colleen Hoffman
Collen Hoffman is the Head Cook at Washington School. The nomination for Colleen says, “Colleen has been preparing meals for the Monticello school district for close to 31 years. She has counted thousands upon thousands of chicken nuggets in that time!  Colleen runs the kitchen like a well-oiled machine with responsibility and efficiency. Even if things don’t always go as planned, she handles any unexpected situations with a calm demeanor. Colleen exhibits grace under pressure, like when 4 freezers went down over spring break and she didn’t have food to feed the kids. Colleen uses teachable moments to encourage students to use good manners or to try new foods. Colleen is a very hard-working and dedicated employee for our district.” 

Kevin Rumple
Kevin Rumple is an Industrial Arts teacher at Monticello High School. Kevin is retiring this year after 24 years. The nomination for Kevin says, “He has been instrumental in changing the lives of many young men and women. Recently a former student posted on twitter “[Mr. Rumple] had a hand in molding so many boys into men.”  This statement could not be any more true. The bonds he creates with his students can be seen by the number of students that return just to say “hi”. You can always tell when colleges are on break because former students come flooding back to see Mr. Rumple.  Grown men will stop in as they are walking their young children to after school practices. Just to say hello to a man that they still look up to. He has been a mentor to new teachers as well as a union rep.  He is always willing to listen and give advice.”

Stony Lane
Stony Lane is a custodian at Lincoln School. The nomination for Stony says, “Stony is always willing to help out whenever he is asked.  He is incredibly talented and has helped create things that help benefit students within the classrooms. The kids are always happy to see Mr. Stony and know if something goes wrong they can call him, because he’ll get the job done. He is almost as much of an icon at Lincoln School as Mrs. Vogt is. In fact, our 4, 5, and 6 year old friends love Stony!  He will be the first to give them a fist bump in mornings or give them a smile and adds, “Have a good day!” Stony is a humble and gentle spirit.  He is selfless and always puts the needs of others before his own. He cares a great deal about people.  Lincoln School staff and students are blessed to work with and know Stony.”

Joyce Munster
Joyce Munster is teacher’s aide at Lincoln School. Joyce is retiring after 11 years in the district and 42 years in education. The nomination for Joyce says, “There is no one that I can think of that is more deserving of this award. Mrs. Munster’s life has been dedicated to teaching and helping kids big and small. Her commitment, love, and devotion to teaching has impacted the lives of thousands of children over the years. She is the most dedicated, giving, and selfless person that you will ever meet. If you need anything from a cane for a 100 days of school celebration to a person to fill in for lunch duty Joyce is always the first to step up and volunteer. She not only teaches the youngest kiddos who are just starting their journey through school but also gets kids from each school on the correct bus and on their way to a positive start every morning. Anyone and everyone that has worked with Joyce Munster has been blessed by her genuine love and commitment to everything she does. She is irreplaceable and her presence will be missed as she goes on to enjoy retirement with her family.”


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