Fugitive back in county, arraigned

A 33-year old man was arraigned in Piatt County June 7 on charges he broke into a home in Cerro Gordo and tried to strangle his estranged wife.

Todd McGee had gone on the run after the April 3 incident and at that time was considered armed and dangerous. He was apprehended on May 23 in Atlanta, Georgia and transported back to Piatt County on Wednesday. He is being held on $200,000 bond in Piatt County jail.

McGee was arraigned Thursday on three charges, including a Class X felony of home invasion, punishable if convicted of between six and 30 years in prison. A second charge of aggravated domestic battery has also been filed in Piatt County, punishable of between three and seven years in prison. He could also be eligible for an extended sentence on the second count of up to 14 years due to past burglary convictions in Macon County.

The charges read in court accused McGee of breaking into the Cerro Gordo house and “intentionally causing injury” to the woman, adding he “intentionally strangled” her.

McGee will be back in court for a preliminary hearing on June 18. He also has a Piatt County pre-trial appearance June 12 for another case that includes charges of domestic battery and violating an order of protection with a prior domestic battery on file.

The April 3 incident and his time fleeing police have also resulted in residential burglary and possession of stolen vehicle charges in Macon County.

The Macon County charges list a Charleston address for McGee.


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