Security cameras coming to Born Park in Cerro Gordo



Tom Overmyer of Phoenix Consulting Engineers spoke before the Cerro Gordo Village Board on June 18, filling them in the water main replacement project. Those have included:

–regrading at 427 N. Lincoln St. and 403 N. Lincoln St.;

–the shut off valve at 321 Oakley Road is completed and the patch on side of the railroad is better. Overmyer stated they should look into more patch work after the work at the railroad is completed.

–valves are adjusted at various locations

–confirmation that all valve covers can be removed and operated on

–fixed a leak by the water plant

–a change order was accepted extending the water main’s project time by ten days, with the two-year warranty kicking in on June 19.

There are still a few minor details to work out concerning closing and payroll, but for the most part the project is completed.

Overmyer said he would complete the drawings of the water main system for the village. 

Williams believes the water buildup by South Street is fixed, as they found a large fiber line in the tile causing stormwater removal issues. The fiber is owned by Frontier communications.


Security cameras for Born Park

The board looked into getting security cameras for Born Park last year, however Williams found out  the cameras were not as high a quality as expected, and now the company no longer exists. 

Williams brought before the board two proposals, one for a 2 megapixel system, the other a 5 megapixel system. The board discussed the proposals in depth and went with the 5 megapixel from Wearim Security at a cost of around $2,200.

The difference between the two systems was around $200.

“I think with the difference, go with the better one,” commented trustee Dennis Ridgeway.

Williams added contractors will install the cameras by the basketball court and bathroom doors due to vandalism. 

“The system she recommends we will be able to facially recognize, and she did a bit more so we could see who is on the basketball court, because it is a problem area,” said Williams. “Putting a camera at the bathroom doors, because we have some vandalism in the bathrooms and it could help a little. If we have a vandal we can take a look and see who is going in and out at that time.” 

The bids for the new sewer tap on Madison Street for the upcoming subdivision was tabled. The board received two very different prices from Birdich Construction and Subsurface. 

Birdich gave a quote of around $38,500 and Subsurface quoted them at around $27,000. Mark Blickensderfer is going to go back to both companies to get a more detailed plan. The village attorney was concerned with the price difference and lack of detail in the quotes, adding the village may want more information to avoid any possible litigation. 

Prior to Monday’s meeting Williams met with the zoning board to discuss a fence ordinance in the alley between Carter Street and Oakley Road. The alley is 20 feet wide an,d because of the water main that goes down that alley, the village is concerned if people construct fences on both sides whether they will be able to get into the water mains without damaging someone’s fence if necessary. 

Williams stated, “We requested that we move that out 20 feet before they can build a fence. A couple homeowners strongly objected, and I understand a couple of them have small backyards.” 

So, the plan is to move back 5 feet. One property owner brought up the idea of allowing the fence with an option that the village can remove it if necessary. While everyone understood the idea, there was question over whether that would be a good thing to implement because property owners do generally change, and someone’s disposition to the policy could change. 

“I see why they would like that and I would like to accommodate them, but I see future headaches with that,” stated Williams. 

The village attorney will be drafting an ordinance for Williams to sign. 


In other news:

–the board agreed to donate $50 to the Piatt County Soil and Water Conservation District for the electronic recycling program. The program runs four times a year;

–the board agreed to donate $120 to Holly Dodd for the advertisement of the town rummage sale in both the Herald and Review and The News-Gazette;

–approved a TIF reimbursement of $2575.59 for Dennis Ridgeway;

–approved the Prevailing Wage Ordinance #637 and Adopted the Appropriations Ordinance #638

– the board agreed a tree in Born Park needs to be removed. Blickensderfer will look into prices for next month’s meeting; and

– because of multiple companies damaging sidewalk property, resulting in one major injury to a villager, the town will craft a form on their website for those coming in for tree removal to fill out. The village will contact their insurance company for the legal process for the villager who was injured. 

The board suspended the meeting so that they were a part of the drone photo by the Post Office to celebrate the official Zip CodeDay.


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