Special committee to study Monticello airport

Monticello aldermen on Monday approved formation of a special committee to study “the factual impacts of the local airport, and to make a report and recommendation to the city council for further action.”

Mayor Larry Stoner had recommended members for the committee, which include aldermen Cochran Keating and John Miller.

Chairing the group will be Mike Atwood, a former Monticello Chamber of Commerce President. Also on the committee are Fred Sikorski, Jim Reed, Kyle Koester, Kelly Finet, Kevin Feeney, Gary Huisinga, Steve Tenhouse and Shelly Crawford-Stock.

The committee will need to work quickly. In his appointment, Stoner asked the group to have a report and recommendation to the city council by Nov. 10.

The airport’s public status is in jeopardy, with the Illinois Department of Aeronautics informing the city they will not renew waivers after they expire on Feb. 2 of next year. Waivers have been effect since 2000 to allow the airport to operate despite state-cited line of sight and runway side transition issues.

The landowner of the 18 acres where the airport sits near Kratz Road on the south side of Monticello has also indicated to the city that they are not interested in extending the lease on the land, which also expires on Feb. 2.





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