First two phases of Kirby expansion complete

Kirby Medical Center in Monticello began using its newly constructed lab and surgery areas last week, and opened those departments up for visitors at an open house on Oct. 3. About 150 people took advantage of the opportunity, and as a bonus were able to tour the new therapy department that staff began using last spring.

The therapy room is somewhat of a show piece, with those on exercise machines having plenty of window space with views of the therapy garden and walking trail.

“We had a real opportunity to have our therapists involved in the design discussion and learned from our old space that having a view of the outside was important, and we were able to bring that to the new space also,” said Kirby Chief Executive Officer Steve Tenhouse.

Two of the three phases of the project are now complete. Phase one included 16,500-square-foot in new construction and the beginning of renovations that will be done on another 14,500 square feet of existing space.

Updates already completed include a new education room, a climate-controlled walkway connecting the hospital with the adjacent Carle Clinic, and the addition of 85 parking spaces and a second entrance to the parking lot.

Phase three, slated for a February of 2019 completion, includes “opening up the wall in the waiting room for the Kirby Medical Group,” said Tenhouse.

“We have had some congestion between people coming and going and have made those separate areas,” he added.


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