Bement school to get kitchen makeover

The school district kitchen in Bement is getting a substantial Christmas present: A total of $36,728.03 in new, energy-efficient appliances from Ameren Illinois.

Bement learned on Nov. 26 that it was the recipient of a “Kitchen Make-over” that it had applied for earlier this year. The new equipment is free, including installation, and will be in place by Dec. 15.

It will replace some appliances that date to the installation of the kitchen in 1967.

“We are getting a new dishwasher, a new convection oven, a new upright, reach-in double door freezer and a new food warmer. This is pretty exciting stuff,” said School Superintendent Sheila Greenwood.

The most expensive replacements include a $13,826 Convotherm 68,200 BTU oven/steamer and an $11,587 industrial-sized dishwasher.

Greenwood said decades-old equipment will be replaced with higher-efficiency models, providing energy savings to the district.

She will not be sorry to see the old equipment hauled away.

“When I sent in the pictures of our old appliances, I joked that they probably deserve a place in a museum somewhere,” added Greenwood.


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