Incumbents dominate school board election filings

Barring declared write-in candidacies, there will be no opposition for seats on Piatt County based school boards on April 2.

In DeLand-Weldon, Cerro Gordo and Monticello, four candidates filed nominating petitions for the same number of open positions. In all but DeLand-Weldon, incumbents will fill those seats. In D-W, Jennifer Roos will replace Missy Duff, who opted not to run for re-election.

In Bement there is a shortage of candidates, with only incumbent S. Jeff Funk and newcomer Layna Somers filing petitions for four openings by the Dec. 17 deadline. Incumbents Todd Scott and Trixie Flavin are not on the ballot, while Jeanne Strack resigned in December. Her position could be filled by the board at a special meeting on Dec. 28.

Nominating petitions filed for school board positions included:

Bement (four open) – S. Jeff Funk (Incumbent), Layna Somers

Cerro Gordo (four open) – Angela Miller (I), Debbie Greenwood (I), Stephen Hayes (I), Tony Piraino (I)

DeLand-Weldon (four open) – Shannon Summers (I), Joshua Shofner (I), Jamie Dunn (I), Jennifer Roos

Monticello (four open) – Zachary Hillard (I), Kevin Frye (I), Gary Huisinga (I), David Stanko (I)

Filings in other districts with Piatt County connections:

Arthur (one two-year term) – Suzanne M. Berkich

Arthur (four four-year terms) – Jesse Burnett, Erica Carter, Brock Casteel, Mitch Fleming, Monica Green (I), Jenny Uphoff Moore, Justin Wierman, Beth Wiley (I). Incumbents Jake Kapp, Jon Day and Ed Miller did not file nominating petitions

Blue Ridge (three open) – Chelsie Leffelman, Carlos E. Burton, Dale Schneman (I). Incumbents Matthew Althaus and Curt Homann did not file nominating petitions.


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