Football title is top story of 2018

As we begin our review of 2018 in Piatt County, here are the Journal-Republican’s top stories of the year. Do you agree? Did we miss anything? Let the arguments begin...

(See more coverage in this week's (Jan. 2) Journal-Republican)

1. Sages win state title

On the day after Thanksgiving, the Monticello High School football team made history by capturing the program’s first state title.

2. School referendum approved

On its third try, the Monticello school district saw voters approve a referendum to upgrade facilities, this time a $29.8 million effort to update the high school and adjacent Washington Elementary School.

3. County board chair resigns

Following a primary defeat for the Illinois House, Randy Keith resigned as Piatt County board chairman and county board member.

4. Other goodbyes

Besides Keith, also stepping down were village presidents in DeLand (George Long) and Cerro Gordo (Brad Williams).

5. Neglect case

Three people were arrested for criminal neglect following the death of 64-year-old Ronald Blankenship in his Monticello home.

6. No-go for solar farms

The Piatt County board repeatedly voted down special use permits for solar community farms proposed on agriculturally zoned land.

7. The fallen honored

Fallen soldiers PFC Robert C. Burke (Vietnam) and Pvt. Roy W. Hamm (World War I), were honored with well-attended special ceremonies on/near the anniversaries of their deaths.

8. Single-hauler garbage system voted down

Monticello aldermen decided to stick with the current garbage hauling system that allows residents to choose between three carriers.

9. Airport at risk

In order to remain open, the Monticello airport will need to move.

10. Allerton $8 million campaign

Officials at Allerton Park and Retreat Center announced an $8 million fundraising campaign to continue efforts towards checking items off their master plan list.

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