Police records management upgrade considered in Bement

The Bement police department may get an upgrade in its records management if the village board approves money for access to a subscription service that formulates report templates and possibly stores records on an offsite server.

Police officer Dave Lansford currently keeps police records on a single computer with no backup.

“I don’t have a dedicated server at the department,” he said. “It’s basically just what the computer will hold. The filing is not in any kind of a database.”

The subscription would also be a time-saver, according to Lansford.

“Basically the way I do reports right now is I make forms in Microsoft Word. The problem is, depending on how many people I have in an incident, how much property there is as far as evidence or anything of that nature, I have to build the form before I write the report, which creates a lot of (waster) time,” Lansford said. “This would create a database where it builds your report for whatever you need and you just fill in the blanks. Then it keeps that in a repository so the next time, if you make a report a year later with the same person, you type their name in and it automatically populates the fields.”

Lansford also mentioned the goal of the FBI to implement a uniform crime reporting program called the National Incident-Based Reporting System by 2021. A subscription to a records management system would help Bement meet those obligations, according to Lansford.

“All these records management systems are already changing their formats and going to NIBRS to make it for the clients they have on board,” he said.

The more expensive subscriptions allow sharing of records with other agencies in the system, something Lansford felt was beneficial.

“It’s basically information sharing within law enforcement, which I’m a very big fan of that,” he said. “That’s about the only way you can crack down on a lot of stuff by using experiences and information from other agencies that I would have access to.”

The village board did not vote to approve funds for Lansford’s request, indicating the need for more information and more discussion.

In other news:

–the board approved Ordinance No. 1082, an ordinance regarding fences for the Village of Bement. Clayton Ahlden was the lone “no” vote. 

The board agreed to a $25 per day fine for new fences that break the ordinance after a determined date by the village allowing changes.

“We usually work with people (on timelines for changes),” board president Pat Tieman said.

–the board did not receive any interest in the recreation director after placing a pair of newspaper advertisements. Tieman said he would post about the open position on his village president Facebook page.

–the board set the date of the 2019 Clean Up Day as June 22. 

–the board approved year-end bonuses for full-time ($150) and part-time ($75) employees.

–approved placing a quarter-page, color ad in Discover Magazine for $380.

“This is something we do every year. The price has been $380 for a while,” Tieman said.

The board will update the information on events before submitting.

–the board approved Ordinance No. 1083, an ordinance levying taxes for Fiscal Year 2019.


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