New director named at Maple Point

Maple Point Supportive Living will soon have a new director.

“We completed our interviews last week, and made the formal announcement (on Jan. 2). So Stacy Cribbs, our current activity coordinator, will move up to the director position,” said current Maple Point Director Kara Olsen at the Piatt County Nursing Home committee meeting on Jan. 3.

Olsen will move next door to assume the role as assistant executive director at the Piatt County Nursing Home, a position that has been vacant for more than a year.

“It’s an excellent move. I think she will make a great one over there, and we hired from within,” said Committee Chairman Randy Shumard on the hiring of Cribbs, who has been at Maple Point for six years, all as activity coordinator.

Olsen will transition into her new role over the next month, giving her time to train Cribbs for her new duties at Maple Point.

“I’ll probably be down there until the end of this month, working with Stacy, then go back and forth as I need to,” she said.

County Board Chairman Ray Spencer said he was somewhat “caught off guard” by the hire.

“I didn’t know this was all going on. It would have been nice to have a heads up that ‘hey, we’re doing this, and this is what we’re planning.’ The way we handled it is fine, but I was kind of caught off guard by it,” he said.

Five candidates – three internal and two external – were interviewed by nursing home and Maple Point staff prior to the hire. Spencer asked if the committee should have had input.

Nursing Home Human Resources Director Jacque Bush said that would work, but that similar hires have not required that input in the past.

“If that’s something we want to do, absolutely. We just haven’t in the past with our director of nursing or any other key positions. But if it’s something we want to do moving forward, we can absolutely do that.”

Shumard questioned whether additional committee input was needed, saying “that’s probably micro-managing.”

Two star rating
At a Dec. 20 committee meeting, Nursing Home Director Scott Porter said

the state had upgraded the facility’s rating from one to two stars in the most recent quarterly announcement by the Department of Central Management Services.

Porter said the facility will always score low in the areas of falls and antipsychotics due to its Halcyon Unit, which houses memory care patients.

“We’re always going to take a lot of hits on that because we have a dedicated memory unit. We’re just not going to get around it,” he said.

The nursing home director noted the staffing rating for the facility is usually four out of a possible five stars.

“We are consistently four stars or better. The county is dedicated to investing in higher-than-required staffing levels, to improve the care of the residents. You can tell the priorities of a nursing home on where it chooses to invest its resources,” added Porter.

He expects the nursing home to be upgraded to an overall rating of three stars in 2019.

Porter added the facility’s CNA training program – reinvigorated last summer – has the nursing home fully staffed in that area for the first time in more than a year. During that time outside agencies have been called upon to fill staff vacancies.

“It certainly is a more secure feeling knowing we have a larger pool of our own employees to count on,” he said.

In other discussion at the committee meetings:
–Olsen said no deficiencies were found at the most recent annual survey done at Maple Point; and
–the mansard portion of the nursing home roof is nearly complete, with sealing being the final task.


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