Bement readies pool for summer

The Bement village board finalized the rehiring of assistant pool manager Randi Riddle at its monthly board meeting April 10, in addition to approving money for repairing the baby pool and setting wages for pool

“(Randi) worked for us last year as an assistant,” village president Pat Tieman said. “I’d like to see her brought back this year.”

“I know she enjoyed doing it,” board member Judy Good added.

Pool manager Becki Durbin will get a 25-cent-per-hour raise from last year after the board approved Ordinance No. 1076 regarding pool employee wages.

Board members also discussed the baby pool as part of continued talks regarding upgrades at the community pool.

“Some of the walls in the baby pool are getting hollow in there,” Tieman told the board. “I would like to get it figured out for the kids before pool season starts.”

The board agreed and unanimously approved repairs of up to $5,000.

Police tech
Village police officer Dave Lansford requested around $1,400 total from the board to purchase a new office computer as well as a three-year Geek Squad warranty and Microsoft Office software package.

“I’ve been using my old laptop in the office. It’s really old,” Lansford said.

The new computer will be able to store more video received from village security cameras and generally make things more efficient, he added.

In other action:
–full-time village employees received a 5 percent raise with the approval of Ordinance No. 1075.
–members approved $1,222 to install gutters on the public works building.



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