Lively Aesthetics

Jennifer Lieb is the owner of Lively Aesthetics, located in the Monticello Professional Building.

MONTICELLO — Jennifer Lieb realizes there are some misconceptions to deal with as she launches her business that is “specializing in aging gracefully” through non-surgical dermal fillers and chemical peels, things sometimes associated with plastic surgery offices.

“I don’t want people to think I’m coming in here making people look crazy. I’m not trying to have a bunch of dolls running around Monticello,” said Lieb, who launched her business, Lively Aesthetics, in Monticello last month.

“That’s not my goal. My goal is aging gracefully, and giving self-confidence back to people.”

Lieb, a registered nurses practitioner with certification through the Plastic Surgical Nursing Certification Board, worked for Carle Clinic in Champaign for 12 years prior to hanging up her own shingle.

She worked in the hospital recovery room, then went on to help develop the non-surgical cosmetic program for Carle.

But after having a baby 16 months ago, she had a desire to work closer to her rural Monticello home.

“I just wanted to be closer to home. I have a little one at home now, and wanted to be closer to home, a better work-life balance,” she said.

But her passion for the industry is still strong, one that people are responding too, especially the younger demographic.

Her office deals with non-surgical procedures only.

“I think that the younger generation is embracing it as more of taking care of yourself. Some of the old generation maybe sees it as more selfish, or that if you do this you’re going to look like a ‘Real Housewife’,” Lieb said.

“There is a way to do this and have no one really be able to tell what’s been done. They can’t really put their finger on it. They look refreshed.”

Lieb, a Thomasboro native and Rantoul High School graduate, said clients are happy to be getting cosmetic services in their hometown, with some previously traveling far and wide to receive them.

“These are things people have been doing outside of Monticello. They’ve been going to Champaign, they’ve been going to Decatur. I have some patients who had been driving to St. Louis or Chicago to get it done, and now that I am here they are more prone to stay local with it.”

Her main satisfaction is the smiles she generates and patients’ faces.

“I think my favorite moment is being able to hand my patient a mirror after we’ve done something, and seeing their response. It’s something that gives me a lot of joy to see,” Lieb said.

“I can just see they feel more self-confident. It’s something that brings me a lot of joy.”

After graduating from Rantoul High School, Lieb earned he bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Illinois. She then went to work for Carle while earning her master’s degree from Illinois State University.

She holds her board certification through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), as well as the Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist (CANS) certification from the Plastic Surgical Nursing Certification Board.

About Lively

Lively Aesthetics is located at 121 E. Livingston St. in Monticello. It is open by appointment only, which can be made through the website:

Services listed on the website include neuromodulators, Kybella, dermal filers and chemical peels.

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