Kirby Medical Center and Lynn’s Family Pharmacy have entered into a Letter of Intent for Kirby Medical Center to acquire the pharmacy and continue operating it at its current location at 1402 N. Market Street in Monticello under the “Kirby Rx" brand name.

“We are excited to carry on the retail pharmacy tradition that Lynn has provided here in Monticello for over 40 years,” says Steve Tenhouse, CEO at Kirby Medical Center. “This is a great opportunity for us to expand our Kirby Rx brand and continue to serve Lynn’s clients with the same access and customer service they are used to.”

Lynn McConnell, who has been a pharmacist in Monticello for over 40 years and owns Lynn’s Family Pharmacy, said, “In planning for retirement, I approached Kirby Medical Center about acquiring Lynn’s Family Pharmacy because keeping my pharmacy under local ownership was important. Dan Burkybile, PharmD and Bruce Strike, PharmD, the pharmacists at Kirby Rx, have both been in Monticello for decades and I know they will grow the pharmacy to serve even more people in Piatt County and the surrounding area.”

Tenhouse also stated that Kirby Medical Center will continue the operation of Kirby Rx in the promenade of Kirby Medical Center, in addition to the current location of Lynn’s Family Pharmacy.

The transaction and ownership change are pending the execution of a formal purchase agreement and approval of licensure by state and federal regulatory authorities.

The hospital opened the first Kirby Rx in December of 2019.

Lynn's Pharamacy has been open in Monticello for about seven years.

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