All staff and residents at the Piatt County Nursing Home have tested negative for COVID-19 for the second straight week. The mass testing took place after a positive test from an employee last week.

“Once again this will allow us to resume the visitations with screens, social distancing of residents for meals in the dinning room, and small group activities with PPE and distancing,” said Nursing Home Director Scott Porter.

He said staff will continue to be tested each week as a precaution. Weekly testing of residents was considered, but Porter said “it is hoped the staff being tested weekly will provide enough of an early warning for any individual that is either pre- or asymptomatic, to be removed from the facility.”

Porter added the decision was not due to cost, but is “strictly a testing access and logistic issue to maximize our coverage and not over-utilize the materials we have available to us.”

He said facility-wide testing will be considered as testing options become more available.

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