Rolling seven-day positivity rate drops in both counties

Piatt County’s confirmed case total stood at 809 after the Dewitt Piatt Bi-County Health Department reported two days’ worth of new data Saturday, Nov. 28.

There were no reports for Thursday or Friday, Administrator Dave Remmert said. Reports from Wednesday and Saturday showed the county adding 49 new cases over the two days.

Over the same time period, DeWitt County recorded 22 new positive cases, and has totaled 658 during the pandemic.

A warning from Remmert about future delays: “We are receiving word now of delays in test results. Diagnoses of tests through IDPH testing sites and state labs are 7 to 10 days behind. This will lead to further delays in contact tracing. We cannot begin contact tracing until a confirmed test is in our system.”

Piatt County's rolling seven-day positivity rate decreased by 2 percent on Saturday to 10.5 percent. DeWitt County's rate dipped .8 percent to 11.5 percent.

Breakdown by town

A breakdown of the new cases by Piatt County town:

Monticello: 20 cases

Mansfield: 9 cases

Bement: 7 cases

Cerro Gordo: 4 cases

Cisco: 2 cases

Milmine: 2 cases

White Heath: 2 cases

Atwood: 1 case

Hammond: 1 case

Lodge: 1 case

In DeWitt County:

Farmer City: 10 cases

Clinton: 9 cases

Waynesville: 3 cases

DeLand: 2 cases

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