The bi-county area continued to show an uptick of COVID-19 cases the first half of the week, with 16 positive tests reported in DeWitt County Monday through Wednesday, and five additional ones in Piatt County. That comes after 16 cases were announced over the weekend, 12 of them in Piatt and four in DeWitt County.

One of those people who tested positive earlier this week was hospitalized, bringing the total to three currently hospitalized in the two counties.

“Case numbers are spiking in our two-county area. Please do your part: Wash your hands frequently, wear a mask when in public; remain socially distant. If you’re vulnerable or immunocompromised, please stay home,” said DeWitt/Piatt Bi-County Health Department Administrator David Remmert.

“If you’re on isolation for COVID-19, you should NOT be exposing yourself to others. If you’re on quarantine for being exposed to COVID-19, you should not be exposing yourself to others,” he added.

In DeWitt County the latest 16 cases include eight in Clinton, four in Farmer City and one each in Weldon and Wapella.

Piatt County’s new cases include three in Monticello and two in Bement.

To date, there have been 132 positive tests for COVID-19 in Piatt County and 95 in DeWitt.

The new cases recorded Sept. 14-16 fall into these age groups:

– 4 minors

– 1 female in her 20s

– 3 females in their 30s

– 2 females in their 40s

– 1 male in his 40s

– 2 females in their 50s

– 4 males in their 50s

– 1 female in her 60s

– 1 female in her 70s

– 1 female in her 80s

– 1 male in his 80s

No positive tests among Monticello students

Monticello School Superintendent Vic Zimmerman reported at the school board meeting Wednesday night that there have been no positive tests for students during the first two weeks of school. There was one positive test in a staff member.

He said that, through last week, there had been 69 students who stayed home or were sent home because the exhibited a COVID-like symptom. Several of those were family members who were also required to isolate until the person with the symptom tested negative for COVID-19 or received a doctor’s note to return.