Five new cases reported locally over the last week

The DeWitt/Piatt Bi-County Health Department reported five new cases of COVID-19 in the bi-county area the last week of June, at least some of which can be linked to an increase in testing, according to a local health official.

“There are more tests being performed overall across the state with daily tests routinely now over 30,000. As the number of tests goes up, there will be a natural rise in cases overall,” said bi-county department administrator David Remmert.

DeWitt County recorded two new positive tests for COVID-19 over the past week, its first since May 12, while Piatt County added three.

In total, DeWitt County has reported six cases overall, four of whom are considered recovered. Piatt County has had 20 cases, 17 recovered.

Piatt County has also seen more people tested – 1,528 – compared to 983 in neighboring DeWitt.

“There is a growing disparity in the testing numbers of our two county population with DeWitt residents not being tested as much as Piatt residents. This fact is also reflected in the different case numbers,” added Remmert.

He also said that, nationally, the case numbers are dropping in younger age groups, while death rates are dropping both across the nation and in Illinois.

“I believe we are doing a very good job now of protecting vulnerable populations. Healthy individuals appear to recover well from this disease, most often either being asymptomatic or showing just mild symptoms,” he added. “This is an important note if we hope to develop 'herd immunity' over the coming months. Experts seem to understand that immunity does develop but questions remain about how long that immunity may last.”

Testing update

The latest testing update, released on July 1 by the DeWitt/Piatt Bi-County Health Department:

DeWitt County: 983 people tested, 977 negative, 0 pending, 6 positive (4 recovered)

Piatt County: 1,528 people tested, 1,508 negative, 0 pending, 20 positive (17 recovered)