Kirby masks

A reminder from the hospital: Bring your own mask! Even though the state opened things up further as a part of Phase 4 on June 26, Kirby Medical Center still requires masks for staff, patients and visitors at this point.

The problem is that, as the hospital also reopens more of its departments, they are finding more people coming to the hospital without masks. When that happens at Kirby, they need to supply you with one. A month ago the hospital was giving out 3 to 10 masks per day to non-staff visitors. On Monday of last week that number was up to 25. Those are masks that are no longer in the hospital inventory for staff and health providers.

Our stock quickly dwindles,” said Jennifer Moss, the hospital’s chief clinical officer.

We’re going to be doing this for a while, and there are going to places you still can’t enter without a mask, the hospital being one. So we want to get the message out to get a mask, get a cloth mask, keep it in your vehicle, in your pocket,” she added.