Clara Rudolph

Clara Rudolph

Monday, May 11

I guess the sun is quarantining; it’s been a while since it has been in public. We get the occasional glimpse of all the sun’s light and glory, but then it disappears for the rest of the day. The rest of the week is supposed to be warm, but it will be haunted by rain. Hopefully the sun won’t quarantine as long as we have been.

We had a few games of Monopoly, but my brothers get ruthless in that game, buying cards just to spite others and never relinquishing them. It leads to fights, and we typically don’t finish the game.

Although it wasn’t warm, it was pleasant weather for running. However, the Allerton trails were very muddy, and there were fallen trees everywhere. It was more like an obstacle course, but that made it all the more fun.

Tuesday, May 12

Today was finally warmer than it has been lately. I’m surprised, honestly, because during the end of the school year, I distinctly remember melting in the un-airconditioned classrooms. At state for track last year, all of us runners came back with sunburns after being under the sun all day in eighty degree weather. Where is that weather this year?

However, the sun finally made an appearance that lasted longer than a few minutes. Maybe it will stop quarantining. Apparently, Pritzker now predicts that our peak in Illinois will be mid-June, so that may quell the idea that quarantine will end on June 1.

Wednesday, May 13

Today is the wedding anniversary of my parents. Normally, they go out to dinner in Champaign, but that isn’t possible at the present time. Improvising, they decided to get carry-out from a restaurant and take it to my father’s office. There, they could eat in peace without the troubles of children.

So what about the children at home? Louisa and I got to be in charge of the household. We baked dinner, cleaned the kitchen, and then sent an army of siblings to entirely clean the main floor as a surprise. Time went by so quickly; I couldn’t believe my parents came home so soon.

During the bustle of preparing a meal and washing just about everything in sight from counters to tables to dishes, I completely lost track of time. It made me realize how much of my time I spend consumed with myself. I try to pick what sounds the most fun for me at the moment. I’ve had my fair share of patches of boredom throughout this quarantine, but I could have avoided that all this time. Hours flew by like minutes, and it felt so satisfying to be productive with my time.

As annoying as it is, this quarantine has definitely reminded me how much better life is if you aren’t constantly concerned with yourself. It felt great to be in the commotion of the kitchen rather than the solidarity of my room.

Thursday, May 14

I was prepared for the downpours and storms all day, but to my delight, the afternoon was remarkably clear and even sunny. Sometimes, preparing for the worst is actually the best option; your expectations are always met or surpassed.

My mom and sister went for a walk in the morning, shortly before it began to rain. They set out in hopes that they would return before the storms, but they failed. The rest of the family got a good laugh out of their tangled hair and dripping clothes.

I had much more luck when I set off on my run in the afternoon. The rain had cleared up, and it stayed away for the entirety of my run. This made the six miles much more enjoyable, especially since I was expecting to be drenched from head to toe. Instead, only my legs were drenched, if being splattered with mud can count as being drenched.

I know it’s supposed to be stormy weather tomorrow as well, but I hope that we can find the same luck we did today.

Friday, May 15

Today is the last day of school, and it’s nothing like how I pictured it to be. I spent most of the day outside, relishing in the warm temperatures. Once noon hit, the emotional roller coaster called school finally stopped for the year.

I finally agreed to help my sister, Louisa, practice volleyball drills on the front lawn. She’s pointed out the hypocrisy in me helping Thaddeus but not her. As somebody who has never played volleyball, it was entertaining for me to try it out.

We must have been quite a sight for the neighbors with me wacking the ball astray and Louisa desperately attempting to save it. That was followed by a trick shot competition. Andrew turned out to be talented in shooting the way one would bowl. Thaddeus mastered the backwards granny shot.

Saturday, May 16

Most days tend to drag on slowly as of late, but today went by in a blur. I think that this quarantine could prove to be very beneficial for the health of many, ironic as it sounds. My dad was outside practically all day: mowing, walking, running, and playing basketball. Parents in particular, at least mine, devote the time that isn’t spent working on their children.

On a typical summer weekend, my mom would not only keep up on essentials like laundry and cooking, but also drive to baseball parks hours away to support my brothers. My dad would probably be in Indiana or Peoria with a handful of kids for a separate baseball tournament. Now, there is not a single tournament for them to attend as of right now, although possibilities could appear later.

I think it’s admirable that they’re so willing to sacrifice their own time for the sake of their children. However, now they can take some more time for themselves. I think this could be the case for many parents, and it’s great that they now are more able to focus on their personal goals.