The Monticello school district has released the following information regarding school during the current shutdown.

Monticello Schools are currently closed until April 8. The district is still awaiting guidance from ISBE on how to handle school days starting March 31.  Here is our plan for March 23-30. Please continue to watch your email for updates. 

School Buildings. Our buildings will be closed until April 8, but our school offices will be open 8AM-11AM daily with Principals in each office.

Food Distribution. This will be Monday, March 23 – at MHS, White Heath and Cisco – 12-1PM and 5-6PM. Go to the back doors for drive-though service. We have requests for over 375 food bags.  Bags will contain breakfast and lunch for one student for five days – not all bags will contain the same items, but they will meet the required school lunch guidelines for foods.  We will not have milk this week as our supplier is currently out. Go to the distribution site at the time you indicated in our food bag survey.  We will have a few extra bags at each site. Future distributions will also be on Mondays.

Learning Plans.  Our teachers are working on learning plans for each grade level (PK-8) and each course (MHS). These will be posted on our website at on Monday afternoon. They will also be sent via email to parents PK-5 and to students MS and HS through Google Classroom or email or some other means. If you need a printed copy please call a school building to request one and stop by for a printed version.  Depending upon ISBE guidelines our learning plans may look different in future weeks.  Please help plan your students’ days.

Teacher Communications. Teachers will be available to students via email, google and social media Tu-Fri daily from 8AM-1PM as needed. Teachers have been asked to reach out to students to check in – so be expecting some phone calls and emails to students.  I’m sure that our teachers will be getting very creative in planning and communicating.

MHS Seniors. Students needing assistance on college applications, scholarships, transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc, please contact your guidance counselor via email for assistance. No decisions have been made on Honors Night or Graduation at this time. 

Medicine Pick-up.  If you need to pick up student medicine that you have at a school, please plan to do so on Tuesday, 8AM-9AM, but call the office in advance so the Principal can get it ready for you.  Students are not allowed to go to lockers at this time.

3rd Quarter Grades.  These will be available for viewing at on Friday, March 30 after 5PM.  We will not be printing or mailing report cards for third quarter.

Library Books and Chromebooks. We are discussing the possibility of making these available for check-out next week.

HELP email address. We have set-up an email address at that will be monitored each day.  If you need help with something – food, school, power, clothing, technology, or just to talk please send an email and we will work to get you the assistance that you need.  If you are having an emergency please contact 911.

U.S. Census. I received my census card in the mail earlier this week and completed the task on-line in less than ten minutes – please be counted – it matters.

Local Businesses and Restaurants.  Please continue to support our locals with take-away food or gift cards – we need our local business to stay open now and in the future.

"Thank You. We live in a wonderful and supportive school district. I have seen school employees and community members step up to help when asked and I am sure that we as well as others will have more asks in the future," said School Superintendent Vic Zimmerman. "Thank you for your supportive e-mails and social media posts during this time – we are all in this and we will all get through this together."

School Board Meeting.  We will have our monthly school board meeting (mostly virtual attendance by members due to the stay-at-home order) on March 25 at 7PM at MHS Media Center. If you have any comments for public participation please email them to me and I will share them with the BOE.

Questions or Comments. Email Zimmerman at