A Piatt County Nursing Home employee tested positive for COVID-19 last week, which means the facility has resumed weekly testing of residents and employees.

It is the fourth employee to test positive at the nursing home since August, but there have been no residents diagnosed with coronavirus. It also results in further restrictions there, including in-room dining only and no gathering in open areas.

The nursing home has not been allowing visitors inside the facility since it went on a self-imposed lockdown in mid-March.

With cases on the rise, Porter expects there to be more positive tests, and told his nursing home committee Thursday that he will likely enter into a contract for consistent testing of employees and residents. There were no positive tests among residents in the most recent round of testing.

“We may have to reach out to a larger lab and get testing done every week, because I don’t foresee this ending. I foresee us every week, week and a half getting a positive employee, and we just need to have something more permanent in place to test,” added Porter.

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