Sixth Judicial Court Circuit Chief Judge Karle E. Koritz has announced that only "mandatory hearings/court proceedings" will be held in any Sixth Judicial Circuit Courthouse, including Piatt County, through April 10. The order became effective on March 20.

The only court proceedings that will be heard:

Bond hearings and arraignments for individuals who are arrested and/or in custody

Criminal trials with speedy trial demands and those in custody

Summary suspension hearings

Emergency and plenary petitions for protective orders, including but not limited to orders of protection, stalking, no contact, civil no contact and firearm surrender orders

Detention hearings for juveniles who are detained

Shelter care and other essential hearings for juveniles who may have been abused or neglected

Mental health hearings for involuntary commitment or treatment.

Court proceedings had already been limited in scope due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but Koritz said in a press release that "uniform precautions should be taken circuit-wide to protect the health and safety of our courthouse users."

Any case not covered by the order is continued, and a notice of hearing will be mailed out to litigants and attorneys at their last known address by the Piatt County Circuit Clerk's office. Litigants should ensure that their mailing addresses are currently on file with the Circuit Clerk.