Remote learning at Monticello High School will continue until Wednesday, Nov. 4, the school district said today.

Students have been learning online this week after six positive tests for COVID-19 were recorded since Oct. 16.

A total of 35 close contacts have also been identified, according to Superintendent Vic Zimmerman.

“COVID cases continue to spike in the area, making contact tracing more challenging as the DeWitt-Piatt Bi-County Health Department is processing a large volume of cases,” he said.

Students were already scheduled to have Nov. 2-3 off, so waiting until Nov. 4 “will allow all positive cases and all close contacts to complete the quarantine time period, ultimately minimizing any further spread of COVID-19 at Monticello High School,” said Zimmerman.

He added that safety and cleaning procedures have been followed in order to minimize risk and the potential spread of COVID-19 to others.

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