Allerton Library entry

The framework for a former Carle Clinc sign are still visible at the entryway to the new Allerton Public Library building. 

With landscaping on the way, one of the only things left to completely finish out the new-ish Allerton Public Library is some sort of identifying marker at its entrance at Green Apple Lane.

What is holding up that effort is the wait for extra money from the Max E. Hency estate, which was re-opened in late 2016 after additional investments were discovered.

The library has already received about $3 million from the Hency estate, funds which paid for the new library building.

We were kind of waiting for the Hency money to come in,” said Library Director Lisa Winters at the May 1 library board meeting. When the estate was reopened, it was estimated the library may receive another $70,000 or so.

But that was more than two years ago, and the money has not been disbursed, although the court has ordered it to be cashed out to avoid further fees.

Is there another direction we can go to move that (sign) along?” asked library board member Beth Manuel. “Can we budget for it next year somehow?”

First of all, you have to decide what you really want,” said Winters. “Do you want the sign, or do you want to go with a rock, because that will make a big difference in cost.

The other libraries I’ve talked to, they’ve gone away from the signs because of the cost. Mahomet had one and they’ve replaced it so many times – every time the mower hit it, or the snow plow hit something, it would crack and they would have to replace it,” she added. “She just ended up getting a rock.”

That option would likely be a large rock engraved with the name of the library, placed near the entrance.

No decision was made at the meeting. The new library building opened in August of 2016.

Winters did note that half of an $18,000 payment has been made to Prairie View Landscaping and Lawn Care, which will add vegetation to the grounds this year.

It was the last meeting for board member Luke Feeney, who did not run for re-election since he is moving out of the library district.

We want to thank Luke for being a great board member,” said Library Board President Sue Gortner.

It’s a great staff to work with,” commented Feeney. “It’s been a great group of people to work with. I’ll miss it.”

Taking his place will be Mike Harris, who was elected to a six-year term on April 2. Also re-elected were Gortner and Elaine Tracy, also to six-year terms.