100 years ago

Piatt County Farm Bureau organizes Live Stock Shipping Association during meeting of thirty farmers living near White Heath. J. W. Watson, Farm Advisor of Piatt County, attended the meeting and gave a talk on the organization of livestock shipping associations. The need of a shipping association for White Heath was expressed by those attending the meeting and an organization was perfected.

The proposed Cerro Gordo school district was defeated by a vote of a little more than two to one. Residents in the proposed consolidated school district defeated this proposition in a special election held in the public school at Cerro Gordo. The vote showed 561 voting against the consolidation and 273 voting for it.

Big basket ball game, one of the best games of the season will be played at Rhoades Hall next Tuesday night, January 18th, when the Bement Independents and. Monticello Independents will meet.

Dighton-Dilatush Loan Co. stockholders have retained the former board of Directors for the new year. They are: William Dighton, President; Frank Hetishee, Vice President; Frank V. Dilatush, Cashier and William A. Steel, Assistant Cashier.

Miss Lois Thorpe was declared the winner in a contest that has been staged for the past week at the Globe Theatre as to who would be the leading lady in a two reel picture [30 min] of local events and scenes. The California Motion Picture Company will film the complete scenario in Monticello. There is to be a pretty love scene and a thrilling auto race. About forty local people will be seen in it.

At the last Parent-Teachers' meeting it was strongly voted to have a full and complete demonstration of the mental tests that are being conducted throughout the schools. On January 20, at the Lincoln school, 7:30 p. m. a class of pupils will be examined before the Association and every step explained.

The Mansfield Village Council has ordered that all Wabash trains through Mansfield run at not more than 10 miles an hour. The two afternoon trains that pass through Mansfield have been doing so at about 50 miles an hour.

Compiled by Roger Wisegarver

75 years ago

More than 700 Piatt County farmers and landowners attended the Farm & Home Show Friday at the Monticello High School under the sponsorship of the Farm Bureau and the U of I College of Agriculture Extension Services.

Seventeen men from this County have received their release from the Armed Forces and have filed their discharges in the office of the circuit clerk. (Check the office of the County Clerk to see if your ancestor filed his discharge papers – PCHGS)

Mr. & Mrs. Burr Wolfe of Cerro Gordo are the parents of the first baby, a daughter, born in 1946 at the Kirby Hospital. She was born last Wednesday morning.

Oscar Curry returned home Thursday after spending 33 months in the Army and 18 months overseas. He has an honorable discharge.

Carl “Ike” Raglan returned on Sunday to the Marianna Air Base in Florida after a visit here with his father.

Monticello Township High School will hold semester examinations on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. All students are required to take the examinations which will be 90 minutes in length.

AD: To My Honey Customers: I am sold out. Thanks. George P. Harding.

Compiled by Kay Gilbreath

50 years ago

The Monticello City Council met Tuesday night and transacted routine business. A discussion probed the possibilities of a telephone alert system to notify firemen of the location of a fire. After the dispatcher answers the call, he will activate the fire system by lifting the handset of the special fire conference telephone.

Persons living in Monticello and Bement Townships excluding the Village of Bement, are permitted the use of the Monticello City Landfill without a charge.

The White Heath Community Club will hold a free dance on Saturday, January 16th at 8:00 p.m. with Bill Brown providing the music. Everyone is invited to attend.

The Monticello Merchants basketball team rolled to its fifth consecutive victory last week capping a 95-73 decision over Wayne’s Crew in Champaign Industrial League action. The team was led by Dick Rogers, 27 points, John Stergutz, 26, Wilbur Clark, 16, Jack Duggins, 13, Dale Smith and John Pope had 10 each.

By Jack Stiverson

25 years ago

Tis the season for the flu, and residents of Piatt County have been sneezing, coughing, and achy for the past couple months. Schools and nursing homes have been affected. Carle Clinic in Monticello has also seen numerous flu cases this season, averaging 100 to 125 people a day. Nine Board members of the Illinois Pioneer Heritage Center in Monticello met last week to lay the groundwork for a revived historical museum in Piatt County. "Our goal for 1996 is to shape up, clean up and downsize," said Tari Bricker. Mrs. Bricker has been the museum's volunteer director for less than a year. Monticello High School Marching Sages and chorus performed in Orlando, Florida. The drum line marched in a parade at EPCOT Center on Dec 28. The Marching Sages marched in the 1.2-mile Citrus Holiday Parade on Saturday, Dec. 30 and the chorus, under the direction of Lynn Wenzel, performed at the American Pavilion in EPCOT Center on Jan 1. Jason Mumm, a senior at Monticello High School, is the breeder and owner of the nationally recognized ram selected as Grand Champion Ram in the Jr. Hampshire Sheep show at the National Livestock Show in Louisville, Ky. Mumm is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mumm. Jesse Crook celebrated 40 years of service at General Cable Company in Monticello. Employees joined Crook for a party in the maintenance department. Crook has been a mechanic all of his 40 years at GCC.

Compiled by Deanna O’Reilly

As Time Goes By is researched and provided to the Journal-Republican by The Piatt County Historical and Genealogical Society.

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