100 years ago

William B. McKinley nominated for U.S. Senate; Allen F. Moore is nominated as Republican congressional candidate, and Henry M Dunlap is nominated for State Senator.

AD: We are installing a new electric peanut butter making machine and hereafter will be pleased to supply you with our own freshly made peanut butter. Special demonstrator September 17 with free fresh peanut butter sandwiches – H.J. Evans Sanitary Grocery of Monticello

Piatt County TB Nurse Della M. Fox has returned from Chicago, where she went to bring Noah Hamman of Bement home. He has been in the Fresh Air hospital for treatment.

Definite vehicle maximum speeds now set by law for City and Country driving:

–not over 10 mph in closely built up sections of incorporated cities, towns and villages;

–not over 15 mph resident sections of incorporated cities, towns and villages;

–not over 20 mph outside of the business or resident portions of incorporated cities, towns and villages, but inside the city or village limits.

Lastly, not over 30 miles per hour outside of limits of incorporated cities, towns and villages.

The Monticello gun club trap shoot had big attendance and splendid scores. Champions were Mark Erie, the Olympia Champion of the world, broke his 150 straight and right at his heels came C. M. Powers with a score of 148 out of a possible 150.

Farmers who want to buy hogs for feeding and to sell or buy grade and pure bred dairy cattle may now work through the new State Livestock Exchange established by the Livestock Marketing Department of the Illinois Agricultural Association.

Monticello high school graduate Harold Keel been awarded the free scholarship at the University o£ Illinois by Representative Charles A. Gregory. The scholarship was originally issued to Berlyn Norforth, but owing to the fact that he had not taken geometry, he was not permitted to enter the University.

The attendance in our eight Piatt County High Schools this year is the largest that we have ever had. The attendance at Monticello is 150; Atwood, 130; DeLand, 82; Mansfield, 54; Cerro Gordo, 44; Hammond, 25; LaPlace, 17; Cisco, 17. Four high schools are offering courses in Home Economics, Atwood, Bement, Monticello and DeLand. Three of them are offering courses in Agriculture: Atwood, Monticello and DeLand. Two of the High Schools are offering courses In Manual Training, Atwood and Bement.

Railroads in Illinois will be assisting with safety campaign on our State roads. They will join with Secretary of State Emerson in an effort to educate drivers on “safety first” laws, lessons honed from Chicago’s accident record. There are 600,000 autos in Illinois and too many drivers are taking chances at train crossings.

– Compiled by Roger L. Wisegarver

75 years ago

Master Sgt. James Maurice Richards was killed in a vehicle accident in England. He was expected home in a few weeks.

The eight school buildings in District 57 were sold at public auction Saturday for a total of $3500. With the exception of the Kentuck School, all were purchased by out of town people. The Kentuck building was purchased by the Kentuck Community to be used as a community house. The building sold to outsiders will be moved from the sites and used as tenant houses on farms.

AD: Grand Opening of Monticello Bowling Alley: 3 free games for the ladies. This bowling alley is located on the West Side of the Square in the room formerly occupied by the McInnes Flower Shop – Everybody Welcome – Elmer Rassi, Prop.

Keith Hutson has been placed on inactive duty by the Navy. He plans to enter law school at the U of I this fall.

Mansfield High School has enrolled 77 pupils this year.

– Compiled by Kay Gilbreath



50 years ago



The Piatt County Journal-Republican has been designated a “National Blue Ribbon Newspaper” for 1970 and 1971 by the National Editorial Foundation, Washington, D.C.

Petitions authorizing a referendum for the proposed consolidation of Farmer City and Mansfield school districts were distributed at a meeting last week of the two school boards at Farmer City.

County Clerk Mary Shaw will be at Kaisers Store in Monticello to register eligible voters for the Nov. 3rd general election on Saturday morning from 9:00 a.m. until noon. Those people who cannot get to the County Clerk’s office during regular office hours will have this opportunity to register.

NOTICE – The Piatt County Mental Health Dept. is now offering mental health services to adults, children and families of Piatt County. Services include evaluation, counseling (individual and marital) and therapy. The Department is located in Room 306, Courthouse, Monticello, IL. Appointments can be made by calling 762-5371.

– Compiled by Jack Stiverson

25 years ago

Hugh Finson of Monticello presented a program on the Battle of Waterloo at a recent meeting of the Piatt County Genealogical and Historical Society. Finson wore the military uniform he had worn during a re-enactment of the battle in Belgium. Two Monticello High School graduates will be inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame. The late Burl A. Edie, a 1915 graduate, and Donn Piatt of Monticello, a 1938 graduate, join 12 others in the Hall of Fame. Candidates for the Monticello High School Homecoming queen and king are Kris Whitlock, Stephanie Melton, Sabrina Strike, Emily Bridwell, Andy Slabe, Tom Dawson, Jason Schmink and Nathaniel Albaugh. The Indian artifact collection of the Illinois Pioneer Heritage Center in Monticello was chosen to be featured in the Collector’s Corner at the Douglas County Museum in Tuscola. Bob Trimble, former teacher and coach at Monticello High School, will be Grand Marshall of the Monticello High School Homecoming Parade. During his 24-year career at Monticello, he taught driver’s education and physical education and coached basketball, track and football.

– Compiled by Deanna O’Really


As Time Goes By is researched and provided by the Piatt County Historical and Genealogical Society.