100 years ago

East of Atwood, Arthur D. Ramsey, an eight-year-old son of Mrs. Ethel Ramsey of Arcola, died Sunday evening as the result of his throat being cut when he was thrown into the windshield of the auto in which he was riding. The boy was riding in the auto of his grandfather, U. S. Garrett of Atwood, and was sitting on his grandmother’s lap.

The Pepsin Syrup Co., have caused to be paved a strip of ground averaging about thirty feet in width on the east of their plant and between the switch tracks of the Wabash railroad. The new improvement is not only convenient for loading for them, but also makes a paved passage way for heavy hauling between Main and Livingston streets.

The Monticello Community Club High School Foot Ball Team defeated Mahomet High School eleven here Tuesday afternoon by the top heavy score of 67 to 0. The locals rolled up 34 of these points in the first half. The boys went over the goal line ten times, five times in each half.

Congressman Allen F. Moore of this district introduced a bill Monday in the House of Representatives which when passed will establish at every Post Office in the country a service through which veterans of the World War or relatives of deceased veterans may be assisted into employment.

An election will be held in LaPlace on Saturday afternoon, October 22, calling the people to vote for or against the establishing of a Community High School at that place. The polls will be open from 12 noon to 5:00 o’clock.

An attempt was made Monday night to break into the garage of J. D. Leiper on South State Street. The would-be burglars were frightened away when their noise awakened others.

Compiled by Roger Wisegarver

75 years ago

Piatt County’s oldest resident, Lewis Bartley, 96, died at the home of his daughter in St. Louis. He formerly lived on his farm near White Heath where he had lived for the past 77 years.

Sixty Monticello High School boys and girls will be available to do odd jobs for citizens of Monticello Friday and Saturday in an effort to help finance the 1947 edition of the school yearbook “Memories”. The students will be available to haul trash, rake leaves, wash dishes, general housework, and any other odd jobs.

Entire remodeling of the local A & P food store from a service to a self-service type of store has just been completed and will reopen this morning according to manager Clifford Nelson.

AD: A & P – Campbell’s tomato soup -.11 cents; Pillsbury Flour, 25# - $1.75; Nestle’s candy bars – 2 at .27 cents; Jello - .07 cents a box; Del Monte peaches - .28 cents a can; eggs - .59 cents a dozen; Kleenex – 2 at .27 cents

AD: Polio Insurance – Insure your family against polio – doctor bills, hospital bills, special nurse, ambulance, iron lung, transportation – Phone 402 – Willard Huffman.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Tippett of Monticello marked their 48th wedding anniversary Saturday and were honored at a family diner Sunday at their home.

Compiled by Kay Gilbreath

50 years ago

Five bids were received by the City Council Tuesday night for the improvement of the municipal sewage disposal plant and after opening, the apparent low bidder, was E.H. Wagoner Company of Danville on a bid of $532,661.

Piatt County Homemaker Extensions annual craft show will be held Friday, October 22, on the second floor of the Monticello Community Building from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. All units in the County will have handicraft items on display and there will be special table settings and a portion of the room devoted to Christmas decorations.

This week at Gene & Jac’s Bi-Rite: 44 oz cans fruit juice, .28 cents; Swift ice cream, ½ gallon, .69 cents; regular Tide X-K, .36 cents; Gold Medal flour, 5 lbs, .39 cents, Folgers coffee, 3 lbs, $2.19; Wheaties, 12 oz, .29 cents; Salt, 26 oz, .11 cents; Domino sugar, 5 lbs, .63 cents; white bread loaf, .29 cents; ground beef 1 lb, .63 cents, bacon, 1 lb, .79 cents, bananas lb, .10 cents.

Compiled by Jack Stiverson

25 years ago

Over fifty participants met at the Piatt County Nursing Home in Monticello to participate in the first annual Memory Walk on Saturday. Proceeds from the event benefit the Alzheimer’s Association Chapter of East Central Illinois. Locally, walkers raised over $2,200. Happy Anniversary to the Monticello Youth Soccer League. The league, sponsored by the Monticello Recreation Department, started in 1986 and is celebrating its tenth year. When the league was founded there were only 100 participants from kindergarten through eighth grade. Now the program spans kindergarten to seniors in high school with over 500 participants on 40 different teams. The Barnyard Restaurant in Cerro Gordo will be closed on Sundays. Michelle Hyde, owner indicated the change was due to a lack of customers. George Geissler of Monticello received the Piatt County Outstanding Volunteer Award from LeNore Tebo, chairperson ECIAAA; and Maralee I. Lindlsey, director, Illinois Department on Aging.

Compiled by Deanna O’Reilly


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