Kyle Buckley with McGuire, Yuhas, Huffman & Buckley presented the audit for the Cerro Gordo Village Board on Monday August 19

Buckley saw no major issues, but presented a few concerns in his findings.

You’re reduced expenses by 40 grand, which is good. And you can pretty much guess where that came from mostly came from the police,” said Buckley.

Overall, there’s nothing troublesome from what we see. You know, as far as trend wise, you’re building up the General Fund, which is what you need to do.” he added. “Because there will be hard times, that’s the only good thing about being old, you’ve been around and see it when you know sales tax isn’t as high as it is and income tax isn’t is good for the state or the city.”

Buckley was a tad bit concerned about the IEPA grant principal forgiveness that the village is using for water updates. From what he could see however, the village should receive the 60 percent forgiveness.

Buckley added it may be a good idea to have someone additional check over any bank statements since the village treasurer also works at the local Cerro Gordo State bank. He said this is a normal procedure within small municipalities.

The one recommendation we have for all municipalities is you appoint somebody on the board. This isn’t foreign to yours, but somebody on the board reviews bank RECs, bank statements each month online, or in person if they care. It’s the cheapest and easiest control you can have,” he noted. “Andthis is not a reflection at all on Stacey, but I’m in I’ve been in villages where the treasure got three checks, paychecks for a while. So not saying whatever happened here, I’m just saying, after you see it happen other places you realize you will always do what they’re supposed to do. So cheap and easy control.”

IEPA project

The IEPA project is still underway. Back when Cerro Gordo began to pursue this project, the forgiveness was 75 percent on $2 million. So, the inital project cost was $1.9 million. Since then the forgiveness bumped down to 60 percent and they were required to lower the project cost. Now, the cost is at $1.3 million, however the committee needs to meet.

Tom Overmyer, village engineer was present, and said, “we still need to have a committee to go over the math and see which areas to eliminate. We are probably about 60 percent done with the planning.”

After the planning is submitted it will go out to the IEPA for review. The village agreed to meet this week to discuss which areas to eliminate.

The MFT project for various road work is put on hold until next year. Overmyer stated, “Now we are here in August and the contractor doesn’t want to approve getting the work done by the end of September.” The village originally had a plan in June, but it got pushed back to July.

Trash service bid out

Cerro Gordo approved putting out bids for trash service. Many in the community have voiced concerns to various trustees and the Ridgeview bout the customer service with the current company,.

Villager Amanda Rickner voiced her concerns about trash service during the school drop-off time.

I don’t know if you can make a suggestion or provision, but those garbage trucks in the school zone at 8 a.m. is dangerous. Those trucks are so big, the lane is small. During drop off one morning, I have seen it several times, it’s dangerous.”

Last month Trustee Linda Ash voiced her concerns over people getting in contact with their trash provider.

The forestry grant was approved. The village is working with Country Arbor for planning on where to plant trees. They can spend up to $13,000, and currently have at least $8,000 left for planting. According to the report over 30 trees also need to be cut down.