The Bement school district has filed a complaint asking that $76,576 it claims former superintendent Daniel Brue stole from the district not be forgiven in his bankruptcy case.

Brue is under investigation by federal authorities for activity that took place during his time as a superintendent in both the Bement and Meridian school districts. A federal warrant issued last year accused Brue of using a dummy company to steal up to $250,000 from Meridian.

That same company – Ideal Consulting and Construction Services – also received checks totaling $76,576 from the Bement school district during Brue's tenure there, a period that immediately preceded his time at Meridian.

Brue stepped down from Meridian in July of 2019. He filed for bankruptcy in December.

In a complaint filed in the Central District of Illinois U.S. Bankruptcy Court on Monday, attorneys for the Bement school district asked for an “order determining the debt owed to it by plaintiff be non-dischargeable,” meaning it could not be forgiven in bankruptcy proceedings.

An internal investigation by Bement school officials listed 26 checks made out to Ideal Consulting between Sept. 11, 2011 and June 27, 2013. The sums ranged from $960 up to $6,156.25.

No charges have been filed against Brue.