John Fair expressed his complaint about sediment clogging his pipes to the Bement Village Board on Tuesday, Jan. 12.

Village Clerk Kay Lust the Village Clerk said, “ERH installed a hydrant so the line could be flushed every few days to a week but Mr. Fair feels this does not do any good. He has replaced several dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters in his home over the last 20 years.”

Fair asked the board to see what could be done. The board contacted Sean McBride of ERH Enterprises to get a cost for looping the water line to stop the sediment issues. The board has yet to hear back about a cost.

The village approved community cleanup dates of June 11-12. They also approved their annual recycling event for June 12.

Minimum wage has increased to $11 per hour in the State of Illinois. The board approved a ratification to increase the wages of those public employees not already making $11 per hour.

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