Cerro Gordo School Superintendent Brett Robinson spoke of the many changes and achievements on campus during the regularly scheduled school board meeting on April 17.

That included work to convert the old gymnasium in the 1929 high school into an auditorium.

“I was in the auditorium today and it is really starting to look like an auditorium. There’s just pieces of evidence when you start. You’re standing in a space that not too long ago had baskets and was clearly a gym with a stage on the side and it is no longer looking like a gym.,” said Robinson.

He gave an example stating, “on the floor we still have some exposed water pipe solution that is in the works, back under where the bleachers used to be. The bleachers are gone, and they put down plywood, and they have kinda formed the plywood in the arc that the seating back in that area will have.”“

They are also doing the accents for sound and aesthetics on those walls where those giant windows used to be with the cages over them. Those are now gone, they are starting to frame metal studs in the design that’s been made. Really, really, starting to look cool. It’s got a long ways to go, but looking really neat,” he said.

WCIA will be covering Cerro Gordo in their “Our Town” segment tentatively on Aug. 2. There are plans in the works between the village and the school district on ideas for this event. A Fat Hill Fest type event is being discussed.

High School achievements

Principal Jeremy Rodebaugh highlighted multiple student accomplishments from the arts to sports. He stated, “This is my favorite time of the year not because I am counting down the days, but because this is the time of year we get to recognize all of the great accomplishments throughout their high school year.”

He listed off several student accomplishments, and stated about the work from the art show earlier this month, “If you have a chance and haven’t seen them, walk through our commons area in the new trophy cases are all the drawings our kids did. Amazing talent that our kids have. I am really happy with the direction our art program is headed.”

Board President Todd Henricks added about the music department’s Cabaret performance Tuesday evening after speaking with some fellow concert goers, “ I am telling you what when I talked to some people, I can’t wait to see this put on next year in the auditorium and listen to them then. They were phenomenal last night. Our kids can sing.”

The district is attempting to fit into the schedule for next year two new music classes as well, music theory and general music.

The board will tentatively hold a special meeting on April 29 at 7:30 p.m. in the band room in Cerro Gordo to administer the oath of office to the following positions: Election of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and set dates for future board meetings. Robinson stated it is postponed due to legality issues. “What has to happen first before we reorganize as a board, is there has to be a canvas of all the counties of which there are voters in our district. All of those need to be completed, and provided by each of the clerks to our home clerk’s office which would be Piatt, and that has not occurred yet.”

The county clerk has 21 days after the election, and the school board has 28 days to complete the requirements. Robinson stated, “If it was done and had happened by tonight, we could have done it tonight, but it has not.”

Dates, info

May 6 – Fourth grade recorder concert and 5-12 Band Concert

May 7 – Honors Night

May 8 – Last meeting for the LOVC

May 1 – JHOC Meeting

May 6 – Teacher Appreciation week is the week of May 6

May 10 – Aloha Day

May 21 – Graduation Practice at 10 a.m.

May 25 – Graduation at 7 p.m.

–The board accepted the resignation of Kathy Eads for Preschool Parent Coordinator

–The board employed Emily Waldell for High School Science 2019-2020

–The board approved the FY2020 budget