Candidate signs

By Christy Jankowski

Cerro Gordo village trustee candidate Tom Hyde had some of his election signs stolen, others vandalized.

Driving out of the Village of Cerro Gordo towards Highway 105 on April 4, one could see that multiple election signs that touted Tom Hyde for the village board were vandalized with not very kind words.

Hyde claims that 35 to 40 signs were confiscated around March 24, and that he notified the Piatt County Sheriff Department at that time.

The day following the election, to which Hyde lost out by just eight votes for one of the three open village trustee positions, multiple signs were noticed defaced with “loser” and “idiot” and words of that nature. The race was close among the five candidates.

Well, I just look at it as whoever did it, is sorta they don’t have any backbone to begin with. They are not a very good example of a human species. If they got something to say, come down here and say it to me,” said Hyde. “That’s about the lowest form of hatred that comes along with something like that. That’s destroying property. There’s no physical damage or anything, other than the cost.”

The Korean War veteran says he really is not bothered by it .

There’s not much that upsets me really. I might get riled up, but basically no. I don’t have time for it. I don’t have time for hate and resentments. That’s a bad thing for me. So, I just let it go on. This is reality. This is what we get while we’re here on Earth. This is what happens on Earth.”

The village board race got a bit heated during an electoral board hearing held to see if Hyde should be on the ballot after an objection was filed by Trustee Tim Allen. The board ruled to allow Hyde to be on the ballot.

It is unknown at this time as to whom disgraced the signage, but as one knows, words can hurt deeper than a physical wound. As for Hyde, he seems unfazed. His main concern is his RV park.

The interest I have, is I have the RV park down here, so am I going to get vandalization to people’s units when they come in here? Some of them are quite expensive. Some are well over half a million dollars,” he said.

Hyde went on to add that people have stopped by to express their disdain. One person in particular, Kevin Good, picked up multiple signs on his way back from Decatur Hyde states. “He said you and I have been friends for a long number of years. I was not going to let that stand.”

Hyde has placed a cash reward of $500 for anyone with information.

Piatt County Sheriff David Hunt, he stated, “I am aware of the report that he made to my deputy and that the signs were put back out with a derogatory word. I don’t believe we have any suspects that we can follow with on this case. We will look into the case as we get the information.”