Madison Hicks, 17, from Cerro Gordo, has been missing since July 27, according to her family.

Her family, according to various postings on social media, believe Hicks might have gotten cold feet right before their move to Tennessee. Hicks is 5’3”, 150lbs, has blonde hair, and blue eyes. She may have a rolling black suitcase, cell phone, and camoflauge-colored backpack with her. 

The Piatt County Sheriff’s office has been notified. 

Hicks was a dancer for the team at Cerro Gordo High School. Online sources show there are multiple shares of the crime-stopper poster, comments of prayers, and hopes that she is safe. Any attempt to contact Hicks via social media has not worked, according to a few sources.

Hicks mother, Shelley Hicks-Wheeler stated, “We really just want her home. We love her and miss her and this is where she belongs. She deserves a better life than the one she’ll have if she doesn’t come home. I hope we find her soon. I haven’t given up yet and I won’t until she is found.”

Anyone with information can call the Piatt County Sheriff's Department at 217-762-5761.