Cerro Gordo school board members on Aug. 21 discussed concern raised by cooperative sports partner Bement over a bill for CG track and field costs.

Currently, the cooperative agreement between the two districts allots for Cerro Gordo to pay for two-thirds of the costs, including equipment, while Bement foots one-third of the costs. Cerro Gordo recently updated their facilities while constructing an addition to the junior and senior high school as well as multiple renovations.

Cerro Gordo argues that the charges are not “facility upgrades.”

Superintendent of Cerro Gordo Schools Brett Robinson cited that he did not feel he was charging for permanent fixtures.

There is some question as to what constitutes what is calling the coop agreement defined as materials? So there’s been question posed by Bement as it relates to some track equipment. I see it as equipment. And they think some of the things that I see as equipment is facilities. So we have some work to do on on working together to get on the same page there, which we will do, and we’ve done in the past and was able to find a solution,” said Robinson.

CG Board Secretary Karen Freese asked, “can we just address it though? In one of the articles that I read, it was mentioned that we were asking them to pay for a pole vault equipment? And I don’t think that’s accurate. I think the equipment associated with pole vaulting, but it was not the physical improvements to the facility.”

Robinson replied, “What I see as things that are fixed permanently to a building or to the grounds is that that would be facility. But those items are not permanently fixed.”

Board Treasurer Debbie Greenwood added, “Even though their students benefit from it.”

Bement school board members and Superintendent Sheila Greenwood said last week that they felt some charges – including their share of a $16,299 pole vault pit and the aluminum guard for the shot put circle – were permanent fixtures to the track and thus not eligible for reimbursement.

I think I think the bottom line is that the co-ops have been good for students and both communities,” added Robinson. “Students do a great job working together as coaches as well.”


Construction progress

There were hopes to get all of the inside construction and renovation work completed by the time school started, however the auditorium and unit offices still are under construction. Robinson cited the contractor hopes to have the work completed by the end of August.

Concern over the chair color was mentioned and Robinson stated the district is looking into a possible change.

In a prior meeting there was discussion over whether or not to change the outside existing yellow brick on the current 1962 gym/bandroom building, as some is deteriorating.

So we can say okay, we’re going to do the tear off the brick. And this these portions, we’re going to do a stain or a thin brick in another part. And they’ll make another part that we were just not going to do anything with,” said Robinson, adding the added work would probably not start until at least next spring.

It’s probably something that needs to be done when thawing freezing kinds of things aren’t happening,” said Robinson.

There are a couple of ways to go about this,” he added. “We could tag it on as a part of our current project, which would kind of essentially be a change order approach. There’s also the option of having this be a design and build which is a relatively new, approved.”

As for the concerns over the new air units above the school, the district worked out a harness system approved by OSHA with architects from BLDD and the contractor, Plocher Construction.

During WCIA’s “Our Town” event, the district gave a tour of the facilities, citing a majority of the comments were positive.


September board

meeting moved

Next month’s board meeting will be the fourth Wednesday, on Sept. 25, to accommodate budget posting requirements.

This gives the public the 30 days to review the budget if so desired. The budget under law has to be available to the public for 30 days after it is approved.

In other action, the district:

hired Jason Jacobs and Frankie Martin as cross county country coaches; Jason Jacobs as Junior High Assistant Basketball Coach; Ashley Spent as BAS assistant; Anthony and Andy Young as Custodians; Vicky Gangon as part-time cook for the Junior and Senior High Schools; and Nancy Pierell as part-time cook for the Elementary;

accepted the resignation of Jason Jacobs as Junior High Track coach;

the second reading of the IASB board policy changeswere approved

approved Robinson as district administrator for the IMRF account

approved Molly Owens as bookkeeper; and

approved Jodi Neaveill and Jeremy Rodebaugh as the School Fund Activity account custodians.