Viobin at its Market Street location near downtown Monticello.

MONTICELLO — Monticello city leaders say a local manufacturer has promised to install equipment and reduce odors that some city council members recently called “disgusting” and “almost unbearable.”

The smell emanating from the Viobin plant, an eight-decade business that has taken on extracting CBD oils from plants, has wafted through the downtown business district under certain wind conditions, prompting complaints from businesses and area residents.

City Administrator Terry Summers said a meeting with Viobin representatives July 13 proved fruitful, and should reduce the odors soon.

“They are anticipating implementing an odor-reducing mechanism to the CBD oil extraction process by the middle of August,” Summers said.

“The Viobin representatives have been very responsive to our inquiries and share our concerns of the odor. At the end of the day they want to be good neighbors in our community.”

The smell, described by one resident as a “fish fry gone bad,” was discussed briefly by the city council July 12.

“I do think the smell around the square and a two-block radius is almost unbearable,” council member Tammy Sebens said. “I really do think it’s something to look at.”

Mayor Larry Stoner agreed “it’s disgusting.”

Some comments on the Journal-Republican Facebook page agreed with that sentiment. Others defended the plant.

“Viobin has been here longer than most people. I’ve lived here all my life; you learn to live with (it). They bring money here; I am proud that they (have) chosen Monticello for their home,” Kathy Dawson said.

According to the company website, “for more than 80 years, Viobin has been extracting specialty oils from plants and seeds in the heart of the midwest. From CBD oils, tinctures, and even wheat germ oil, our products are made with the highest quality standards.”

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