Piatt County maintenance crews, with help from some others, have spent time sprucing up the courthouse lawn in recent months. Included were the power washing of long-standing plaques, as well as a power wash of the front of the courthouse and the stone wall that surrounds it.

Bushes surrounding some of the plaques were also removed and replaced with gravel to make the markers more visible.

Four new trees were also planted, and some sections of sidewalk were replaced just last week.

I believe the courthouse is starting to look a lot better, which has been a goal of mine for some time,” said Piatt County Maintenance Supervisor Doug Winder. “It is the center of our county seat and thus a focal point. I love seeing people sitting on the wall eating ice cream or on the benches chatting. It gives Monticello that hometown feel,” he added.

Winder said the three-man county maintenance crew was also helped by a man who contributed community service hours. County Sheriff David Hunt also helped with the sidewalk work.