DeLand-Weldon Superintendent Amanda Geary told the board the district is in the final 10 percent of its facilities project construction at the monthly meeting on Aug. 21.

Exterior lighting and new light poles in the parking lot are some of the final touches needed. Geary said there are “Small things that we need to tidy up but everything is looking good.”

She added there have not been any leaks in the roof since that work has been completed.

Geary said one area of the project she’s paying special attention to is drainage.

“I want to make sure all the water is going to where is supposed to go,” she said.

Geary explained there was only one area where she thought water was draining a little slow after large rainfalls.

“There’s one spot we’re looking at,” she said.

Driver education vehicle

Geary informed the board that the Chevrolet Malibu they have been prepared to purchase sold before they were able to.

“I’m still looking,” she said.

The board would likely make payments on the vehicle rather than a lump sum of the estimated $14,000 cost.

“Maybe we could do something on lease as an option,” board member Dean Bush said.

Geary said she’d add that as a potential option in her search.

Electronic board

Another item at a similar price point is the new electronic welcome board.

Geary previously showed the board a model for one that would cost around $12,500, but told the board at the August meeting a different model costing $14,000 may be able to do everything board members plan on using it for, including displaying photos.

Board member Josh Shofner expressed concern over the anticipated lifetime of the electronic board and suggested Geary “get her hands on the software” before agreeing to anything.

Shofner added that his line of work has had some issues with the quality and durability of electronic display boards before.