A budget for the 2020-21 fiscal year was approved by the DeLand-Weldon school board on Sept. 30.

It predicts budget deficits for its three major funds, including educational (-$104,365), Operations and Maintenance (-$45,050) and Transportation (-$57,250), but each fund will still have a positive balance at the end of the year on June 30.

The education fund will have an estimated $1.4 million at that time, O&M $1.2 million and transportation $190,000.

There is also $930,000 in the working cash fund if needed.

School officials said the start of school is going well for both in-person and e-learners as the district copes with COVID-19 precautions.

Middle/High School Principal Matt Goldman said the addition of FastBridge assessment software has also been well received, which he said should give the district a leg up on standardized tests to be taken in the spring.

“What we like about FastBridge is it gives some specifics on interventions and skills that kids need to work on,” said Goldman. “We think it’s just another step to individualize our instructions to our kids, and again we are able to do that because of our size.

“So far we like it, internally and we are excited to see the results and see the growth we can get from it as well,” he added.

Accounts cleaned up

The board cleaned up some accounts, deleting some that had not been used of late and transferring balances to other accounts. The largest was the Operation Help account, where $587 was placed in the principals account. Other ones closed were LifeSavers (funds will go to National Honor Society); Spirit Club (to cheerleader account), a technology fund (to yearbook), and archery (to principal account)

In other action, the board:

–approved the latest batch of school board policy changes as recommended by the Illinois Association of School Boards;

–approved the issuance of district credit cards for Geary and District Secretary/Bookkeeper Cheryl Jones; and

–approved the use of Carle Clinic for its random drug testing program. Tests will cost the district $55 each.