The Piatt County Emergency Telephone System Board could have at least one new member as early as next Tuesday. The status of the committee's other two openings is also on the agenda.

The county board has scheduled a special meeting for 11 a.m. Tuesday (June 18), and one item is the possible naming of county Emergency Management Agency Director Mike Holmes to the ETSB.

Three members of the ETSB were dismissed by County Board Chairman Ray Spencer on June 4. He has not commented on the action, but the state's attorney's office pointed to missteps in the hiring process for a new 9-1-1 director as reasons for the firings.

State's Attorney Dana Rhoades said that Illinois State Statutes require the EMA director to serve on the ETSB board.

The filling of the other two ETSB vacancies is also on the agenda under miscellaneous business, but not under the appointments section, and no names are listed.

Also on the June 18 agenda are a review of the hiring procedures for the ETSB/9-1-1 director position, a review of county board supervisory authority over the ETSB, and the establishment of a county board supervisory committee over the EMA director.

Spencer fired ETSB Chairman Todd Jones, Secretary Gary Shaffer and Ron Weishaar, stating in an email to them that their “services are no longer needed.”

Rhoades said they were informed of possible legal violations in the 9-1-1 interview process, including differing job descriptions on online posts, giving one of three finalists interview questions beforehand, and asking one applicant their age.