A Farmer City 18-year-old faces six to 15 years behind bars after admitting shooting a man during a dispute in April.

DeWitt County State’s Attorney Dan Markwell said Michael Cummins pleaded guilty last week to aggravated battery with a firearm. The normal sentencing range on that charge is six to 30 years, but Markwell is recommending that Judge Karle Koritz sentence Cummins to no more than 15. Sentencing is set for Jan. 18.

Markwell said the shooting happened April 11 in Farmer City. He said there was an "ongoing dispute" between Cummins and the victim, also an 18-year-old male. On that day, Markwell said Cummins, then 17, saw the man across the street, came outside and argued with him, then fired a gun once at his feet.

Markwell said the victim then ran away, and Cummins fired two more shots, one of which hit the victim in the abdomen.