Internal measures to limit a flu outbreak at the Piatt County Nursing Home have been eased, but entering this week precautions were still being encouraged when it comes to those visiting the Monticello-based long term care facility.

We don’t keep people from coming to visit, but we encourage them all to wear masks. The staff wear masks, and we are continuing to do that now that we have it under control,” Nursing Home Director Scott Porter told the county board nursing home committee on Jan. 2.

After a resident tested positive for Influenza A on Dec. 22, another 40 people with cold-like symptoms were tested, with three more being diagnosed with the flu.

Anything above two is considered an outbreak,” said Porter.

An additional two cases of the flu were diagnosed among nursing home staff.

That triggered a quarantine, which does not totally isolate patients from outsiders, but does mandate visitors wear masks, and encourages them to stay away if they show any signs of illness.

For several days, meals were served in patient rooms instead of in the cafeteria as a precaution. That measure has been lifted.

Other safeguards included increased cleaning in high traffic areas surfaces, administration of Tamiflu and the altering of group activities to in-room ones only.

Porter added that all four residents who tested positive had received a flu shot this year.