A Monticello woman who admitted to stealing money from the local athletic booster club will be on probation for two years.

A judge Monday sentenced Sharilyn Droege. The 47-year-old last month pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft.

Droege's sentence also includes 90 days in jail, but she can avoid that if she follows the terms of her probation.

School officials said when she pled guilty that the stolen funds had been paid back.

In April, Monticello police revealed they were investigating Droege for theft of around $5,300 from the Monticello High School Athletic Booster Club. Droege was the group's treasurer at the time. Officials say she pulled off the theft through "inappropriate banking activity,” but they did not elaborate. The booster club did say it put in place better procedures to oversee finances.

The booster club is separate from the Monticello school district, so no district money was taken.