BUCKY!? I know him.

Many know of Bucky, and know that Hunter Rincker from Cerro Gordo plays him. What many may not know is how involved Rickner is with the community of Cerro Gordo. Much like Buddy the Elf does in the movie Elf, Bucky brings cheer everywhere he goes.

Hunter is a junior at Cerro Gordo High School. He tries to make it to every volleyball, football game, but because of his involvement with cross-country it makes things difficult. He states, “I try to make it to every game, football and volleyball, but this year is a little more challenging since I’m in cross-country. I have ran the three mile races then gone to a game to mascot right after. Sometimes the times don’t work out to do that though. I play basketball and mascot whichever team I’m not playing on.”

Rincker decided to become Bucky because, “Someone referred me to the booster club. I had never given it any thought, but decided why not and now I love it. You have to stay eligible for it just like any other extra curricular activity, so it makes me work extra hard to keep my grades up because I don’t want to disappoint anyone if Bucky isn’t at the games. I’m working hard to make high honors this year.” Adding, “Bucky also makes random appearances at the elementary for high fives and he’ll be leading the trunk or treat parade again this year.”

Rincker is involved with multiple sports as well as theater. He is in Theater Club, Chess Club, Choir, Cross Country, Basketball, Track, Scouts, and fits in some time to play Bucky.

Ricneker plans on attending Southern Illinois University in Carbondale to earn a degree in either Dietetics or Teaching. In the future he would like to become a Venturer in Scouts and reach the summit.

Besides being the mascot bringing cheer to people of all ages at Cerro Gordo sporting events, Rincker earned the rank of Eagle Scout this year in October. He has been in Scouts since 1st grade, and worked the past three summers as a camp counselor/leader at Camp Drake. I myself have a little Scout, and have witnessed Hunter’s ability to keep up with energetic kids, leading them to become future leaders in the community. He may not realize it, but every kid in Cerro Gordo knows who he is, and wants to be just like him.

The final project to become an Eagle Scout is one that a Scout must come up with on their own, but are allowed to have help from community members or other Scouts. Rincker built a pergola by Veterans Park in Cerro Gordo. There are two hanging porch swings and a trail that leads to it. He states,”It took 87 hours total from the planning stages to finishing. It was a team effort with my scout troop and it was supported by community members. I also raised money for it with candy bar sales.”

Rincker loves his hometown. “My favorite thing about CG is the community members. I volunteer to shovel drives in the winter with my family, and in the fall I rake leaves with the Scouts. A lot of people from the community know me, and are very kind. They also know me from helping with the last two town celebrations. And my neighbors are all pretty great!”

The Superintendent, Brett Robinson, has high remarks for Rincker, “Cerro Gordo CUSD #100 is so proud of and congratulates Hunter on his achieving the rank of Eagle Scout! He is a multi-talented young man, with an engaging personality and a positive attitude. He is a leader in our school and community, making a positive impact on both. All of the above point to a bright future for Hunter Rincker!”

School Counselor and coach in Cerro Gordo, Brandon Willard speaks highly of him as well. “Hunter is always around to support all the programs for CGB and Cerro Gordo Schools. He consistently models the ideal characteristics of being a “student”...in the classroom, on the court, and in the community.

Hunter, you are truly going places and are one of a kind. Keep that spirit and you are bound to go far if you keep your chin up and continue to spread cheer for all to hear.

I’ll end this with a quote from Elf that I feel fits you kid. “I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite.” Keep smiling.